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14-07-2010 : Server Issues


As of 17:15 on 14/07/2010 we are experiencing problems with the Luke server. We are dealing with the issues and the server will be fully functional again as soon as possible.

14/07/2010 18:30 - The servers disks are being checked - this could take some time.

14/07/2010 18:45 - there is a corrupt disk and this has to be replaced.

14/07/2010 19:41 - the disk has been replaced and the operating system is now being installed. We expect this to take approx 2 hours.

15/07/2010 02:00 - we are working to restore all sites on the server, unfurtunately this could take some time. We will prioritise sites that trade online.

15/07/2010 13:30 - site restores are continuing - please bear with us this does take time.

15/07/2010 16:45 - restores are continuing - sorry for the delays if you're site is not up and running again yet.

15/07/2010 22:30 - restores are continuing and we are aware of issues with email that are being looked.

16/07/2010 07:30 - the email issue is now top priority and the server technicians are working on the problem.

16/07/2010 09:30 - the email issue should now be resolved for all those accounts that have been restored. We are continuing to restore accounts to the server.

18/07/2010 16:00 - all accoutns have been recreated. However those who have created their own email accounts will have to create them again as we do not have configuration informtion as this was lost in the server crash - we apologise for any inconvenience. We will contine to restore missing files from sites over the next days or so. If you have any specific worries please raise a helpdesk ticket at - thanks.

19/07/2010 10:00 - We are currently performing a mass restore of sites - this will mean your site will appear down for a short period of time. Please bear with us while we re-instate your sites.

19/07/2010 17:20 - All sites have been restored and permissions have been corrected - email and websites should therefore be OK now. We still have issues with Webmail not being available. If you have any problems please raise a helpdesk ticket here and we will address the problem. Thanks for your patience in this matter, we can only give our sincere apologies for the completely unexpected server crash.

21/07/2010 03:15 - IMAP services and webmail are now available again on the Luke server.


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